Summer Peach Panzanella Salad

Hey friends! If you are like me, you have already made the trip over to Ruston to grab some fabulous peaches or at least found a local roadside stand or farmers market to snatch up some of summers juicy goodness! Not to mention tomatoes are in peak season and super red and rich! 

With the holiday weekend approaching, I thought I would share this amazing Summer Peach Panzanella Salad recipe with you that will knock your socks off and its healthy to boot! (P.S. what better way to use up that Lowder bread you have, if there's any left) 


Did you know that peaches are high in tons of
vitamins and essential antioxidants? 
8 Health Benefits of Peaches
  • Peaches are good for digestion.
  • They can boost your immune system.
  • And perk up your skin too.
  • Peaches protect your eyes.
  • They may lower cancer risk.
  • And help with weight management.
  • Peaches might promote brain health.
  • They're helpful for blood pressure control and de-bloating.

So load up and eat up! See you guys next week! 

Side note: this salad goes amazing with grilled fish and a bourbon peach smash! Muddle fresh peaches with mint and simple syrup, add bourbon, ice, and a splash of soda and you've got yourself THE summer cocktail!