Astrological Balancing Smoothies

YUP, WE WENT there… on the tails of quarantine, we’ve tuned into our subconscious only to realize our smoothie chakra is totally out of whack. We’ve found ourselves questioning every decision we’ve ever made, and our blender has had a minor existential crisis too. To reclaim our identity, we’ve found a smoothie for every sign.

All jokes aside, astrology is an interesting way to relate to the world around us and feeds into an approach to wellness that feels personal and tastes like the universe hand picked it for you. Share this with a friend who needs help figuring out who they are again…

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ARIES| The Spicy Grapefruit
Adventurous and passionate, Aries need a smoothie that matches up with their intensity while helping to level it out. Grapefruit is bright and energizing and ginger is spicy, dynamic and detoxifying. Add a pinch of fresh mint to this recipe to help cool off that hot head. TRY IT HERE

TAURUS| Strawberry, Basil + Avocado Smoothie
This grounded earth sign isn’t one for the complicated or outrageous, but finds deep comfort from a little luxury. Avocado creates a luscious texture that tactile Taurus will love to indulge in. Strawberry lights up their romantic nature, and nerve-calming, aromatic basil helps soothe the (sometimes overly) sensitive side of it. TRY IT HERE

GEMINI| The Birthday Cake Smoothie
Gemini are playful, clever and always a little unexpected, which is why this birthday cake blend is a perfect pairing. Sipping on an almost-dessert for breakfast innocently appeals to their mischievous side, while offering a protein blast to keep this imaginative air sign’s wit sharp. TRY IT HERE

CANCER| Coconut + Lemon Green Shake
As one of the most loyal and loving signs, Cancers know what it’s like to really feel the feels. This nourishing smoothie will keep Cancer cool as a coconut, even amidst the moodiest mental state. A heavy hand to dark leafy greens means this smoothie is one they can stay loyal to, while tangy lemon both balances and keeps things exciting – just like a Cancer personality. TRY IT HERE

LEO| Tropical Green Smoothie
Warm-hearted Leo loves to be admired, and their giving nature and creative strength definitely warrant it! This pineapple smoothie cleverly conceals a generous serving of swiss chard behind a sweet blend of fruits and dates. This playful concoction is one that fun-loving fire sign Leo can share with friends – with high praise sure to follow. TRY IT HERE

VIRGO| Chai Spice Smoothie Bowl
As the modest and practical brainiac of the zodiac, Virgo needs something that can multi-task to the max. We suggest making a functional morning routine of this chai-spiced smoothie bowl to get caffeinated and well-fed all at once. If you’re a Virgo, try not to over-think the layers of flavor in chai (we know you’re tempted) – mixing it in with coconut and vanilla creates a seamless yet stimulating blend even a perfectionist will love. TRY IT HERE

LIBRA|Berry Beauty Shake
Romantic and idealistic Libras have an artistic attraction to classic beauty – and a berry smoothie is about as classic as it gets. Just about any berries will blend well together making this smoothie an easily adaptable one you can switch up when they’re feeling inspired by your surroundings (or being indecisive, as often is the case). This recipe in particular comes with beautifuying benefits a Libra is def going to love. TRY IT HERE

SCORPIO| Vanilla Spice Cookie Shake
Scorpios are known for their passion, mystery, fiery magnetism… and fiery mood. This off-beat blend features a mix of bold spices for a complex yet harmonious flavor that won’t pin down or bore Scorpio with something too familiar. Cozy vanilla and cooling yogurt will keep any overly-spicy Scorpio flare-ups in check. TRY IT HERE

SAGITTARIUS| Mango Mint Coconut Smoothie
Freedom-seeking and straightforward Sagittarius loves to explore: This mango smoothie is bright and uncomplicated (at least compared to some others in this list), featuring a flavor explosion of tropical vibes that’ll instantly transport the tastebuds of any wanderlusting Sagittarius. A healthy dose of greens offers the nourishment needed to keep their energy and optimism high as ever. TRY IT HERE

CAPRICORN| Melon Beauty Elixir
This hydrating melon mix is perfect for notoriously practical and patient Capricorn. With only three ingredients and plenty of beautifying benefits for any glowifying-ambitions, the only downside is holding out until watermelon season comes back – but chances are a Capricorn will be just fine with waiting. TRY IT HERE

AQUARIUS| Beets, Ginger + Berry
Charismatic, inventive and independent, Aquarius can’t be slowed down – so they need their smoothie to keep up! Antioxidant rich beets add a little sweetness and a lot of heart-healthy power for an air-sign always on the run. A punch of ginger helps keep things lively and clear. We love the idea of root veggies in a smoothie because Aquarius is a little rebellious like that. Make our favorite blend for this sign, inspired by a recipe from this book: 1 cooked beet, 1 cup frozen blueberries, 1 frozen banana, fresh ginger, coconut water, almond milk and almond butter.

PISCES| Cashew Cream Mulberry Shake
(Pictured!) Compassionate and sensitive Pisces are known for their adaptability. This creamy blend is perfectly nourishing on its own, but can also be host to other stronger flavors. Tonic herbs, pine pollen and tocos, provides vitality and much-needed nourishing balance for the ones who usually do the nourishing for others. TRY IT HERE


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