Kapowder Vitality

Kapowder Vitality

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A treat for your skin and body, just because. Vitality is specially crafted with 11 superfoods to purify, nourish your skin and give you that beautiful glow we all search for. 

It is formulated to complement your body and to immediately boost both your skin and state of mind. Both alkalising and nourishing, it will release your inner Superhuman. We dig it and we think you will too.

  • Full spectrum of green specific ingredients.
  • Leafy greens, sprouts, juices, algae & grasses.
  • Algae-derived trace mineral complex.
  • Live bio-available ingredients.
  • Vegan and alkaline.


Superhumans can use daily, in conjunction with a balanced diet and active lifestyle to improve wellness and vitality.

To optimise the benefits and increase your "Superhuman" we recommend you have 10grams daily (2 teaspoons). Best prepared in filtered water, coconut water, smoothies or the choice is yours. Don't heat Vitality as it will destroy the power.

Each packet contains enough powder for 12 days, depending how you prepare your Vitality daily.



Wheatgrass, barley grass, chorella, matcha, spirulina, acai berry, maca root, camu camu berry, lucuma fruit extract,raspberry fruit extract, goji berry, stevia.