A Taste of Lion Mountain

A Taste of Lion Mountain

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A Taste of Lion Mountain is an authentic African dining experience that will excite all 5 senses - you will see, taste, touch, hear and smell all things Lion Mountain.  Double up on your cultural experience by eating in a traditional way and Dine on a Mat, where place settings are prepared atop a woven mat on the floor and you enjoy your meal the Fulani way! 

Niema Longstratt, a fellow competing chef in the LA Food Prize Golden Fork competition, has prepared a 3 course dinner along with a signature drink for this event.  Each course is affectionately named and related to a location of Lion Mountain. Tastebuds Flight 232 will take you to, Bo District, Kabala, Masiaka and Peronage Street.  No passports needed for this trip! 

We encourage friends and family groups to buy tickets together so we can help each other stay safe!

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