Eat like a Health Coach with Haley Bagwell

Eat Like A Health Coach

Hello Caspiana Catering people! I am so excited to be featured in this weeks Eat Like a Health Coach. My name is Haley Bagwell. I am a certified holistic Health Coach and owner of Sweat Society in Shreveport. I LOVE Caspiana Catering and everything that they stand for. My philosophy on eating is keep it simple, clean, organic and delicious! Its all about quality over quantity. Dont stress about calories or things that our society makes seem healthy. Eat what makes you feel good and fuel your body so you can be your best self and give your best self to your family, friends and the people around you. SOit was a hard choice but here it is my weekly pics from Caspiana that I am personally ordering next week. Check it out! I like using the Caspiana Catering app because it is so easy. If you don't have it already you need to download it ASAP. Currently in my cart.

Since next week is a short week for me because I am going out of town for Memorial Day weekend. It is very important that I am prepared with foods that make me feel good and keep me on my wellness track. I know I will be busy getting ready for my trip and taking care of everything at Sweat Society so I am leaving my meals up to Caspiana. I have been keeping it pretty plant based in my own life so no animal protein for me this week BUT if you want to add an animal protein or egg to any of these meals go for it, girl!

Wake up - Coffee because life. followed by 8oz of water with vital proteins collagen greens powder for that extra wellness boost!

Breakfast- Chaga Chocolate Pudding - Why?      

Chaga is a mushroom that grows on the side of birch trees in colder climates. Chaga is an adaptogen (which means a natural substance that helps the body adapt to stress + helps the body function properly). A super mushroom that will give you super powers and totally rock your world. Chaga is the king of mushrooms. Overflowing with antioxidants it helps support total body health. The ultimate superfood. This pudding is also packed with chia seeds which I love. More omegas than a piece of salmon! An extra healthy kick from the cacao. No dairy or gluten. What else could you ask for?

Next is water water water.To be honest with you my wellness struggle is water. I have to be super mindful and make myself drink 64oz a day! Lets get our water goal in together next week!


Melon Poke Bowl - this is fun its different and spices things up. Who wants to eat the same boring chicken and broccoli everyday? Do something fun that tastes good. Watermelon is super hydrating, its packed with vitamin E and if anything else tastes delicious. Balanced out with healthy fats from avocados, and greens to help detoxifying the blood stream. Perfect summer lunch or dinner treat.

Mermaid Dream Salad- Hemp seeds are rich in GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) this is necessary to fight and help with conditions like ADHD, diabetes, heat diseases, obesity, skin allergies, cancer, and arthritis. Cruciferous vegetables are always the way to go. They basically help everything from pretty skin to cancer. I love this salad because it is perfectly food combined. It is raw and its packed with superfood nutrition.

Cauliflower Buffalo Tacos- THIS IS MY OBSESSION. I dont know what it is about buffalo cauliflower but I cannot get over it. I make it at home a few times a month. It never gets old. When Jessica came out with these I thought I had gone to heaven. It feels indulgent but without the indulgent side effects. Plant based, dairy free and a yummy health conscious tortilla. Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable. Which again is cancer and free radical fighting. It is also one of the number one foods to eat to prevent and reverse cognitive decline and Alzheimers disease.

After dinner I usually cap the night off with a cup of ginger tea or bone broth to help with my gut health! Try it!

It has been so fun sharing my weekly meal plan with you. I hope you copy me and order this goodness too! I will be posting my Caspiana Catering eats next week on the Sweat Society Instagram. Message Sweat Society some pics of your Caspiana Catering food and we will share yours too!  

All of the happiness + health!

Xoxo - Haley Bagwell

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